How to Know if Your Private Villa is Child Friendly.

Exotic beaches, and picturesque landscapes, upscale villas, are some of the things we imagine when we plan the perfect holiday. As beautiful as the scenery is for your intended getaway, you need to account for convenience and safety, especially if you are traveling with company.

If you are traveling with kids or other members of your family, you should ensure that your private villa is not only safe but kid-friendly for a more wholesome experience.

This is a short guide for kid-proofing your well-deserved family vacation in Tamarindo.

Safe environment.

Your bundles of joy need to be in a beautiful and safe environment-meaning you cannot freely choose a home with a jaw-dropping background without considering the safety implication for your kids. Take, for instance, a house on a cliff; unsupervised kids can wander to where they are not supposed to be. If you want a luxury villa with wilderness around, you should ensure the one you choose is well fenced and ensure that your kids go out with supervision.

Babysitting services.

While you and your partner explore the location, meet the locals, and take romantic walks that ignite passion, who will take care of the kids? (We are assuming that you would love to spend some alone time with your partner when you are on vacation.) We recommend you ask your concierge if you can get babysitting services. Some Tamarindo beach villas outsource this service to contractors or have in-house staff to care for kids.

How’s the pool?

Infinity pools, hot tubs, and Jacuzzis are just some of the features you would find in an upscale vacation home. While taking a swim in the summer feels divine, be sure that it accommodates everyone. Check if the home has a kid’s pool or if the service providers can make arrangements for your children.

How’s the food?

Kids have an interesting palate, and if yours are picky about food, you might want to prepare ahead. The importance of choosing the right food becomes more significant if your kids have allergies. They have to get the right food to keep them safe and healthy- This also means you should be more cautious with local cuisines (if you are traveling abroad). Tamarindo luxury villas often have a private chef, so you should call before making a reservation.

Other facilities.

Besides ensuring that everything is safe at the home, having recreational and educative facilities for your children such as books, games, and consoles will make their stay more enjoyable.

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